Delonix Construction – Saskatoon Contractor

The Delonix Difference

In the Saskatoon home builder industry the options can seem endless. Delonix takes a different approach. Proving to be committed to our industry we were one of the first to become a Professional Certified New Home Builder in Saskatchewan and our commitment extends through our Saskatoon communities, and to you our clients. Excelling in new home building, renovating and home design, we continue to prove ourselves as an elite Saskatoon home builder and a company that is committed to our industry.

What separates Delonix from the others? and What is the Delonix Difference? From the beginning we actually set pen to paper and drafted our “Mission Statement” which we would execute through every facet of the business.

Passionately building your dreams, your home

Delonix Homes will relentlessly provide a premium quality product in New Home and Home Renovation construction. Delonix will promote integrity and knowledge, by executing transparency, respect and commitment to each project and every customer. Delonix will apply this knowledge and experience to showcase our industry leading standards.

In this ever changing environment of Saskatoon builders and building practices, it pays to do your homework. Sourcing and entrusting a company to complete work on your single biggest investment should not be taken lightly. Driving our business by never wavering from the basis of our company fundamentals, has resulted in a 80% project catalog by word of mouth. Basically, the bulk of our projects are referrals from satisfied clients. We have established a reputation of a premium quality product and our clients are happy. 

Our vision: To be Saskatoon’s most trusted and desired New Home Builder and Home Renovation construction company.


Delonix Homes is a young, innovated and committed Saskatoon home builder & Saskatoon renovation company. We keep it simple and focus on you, our customers.

Your dreams, your home

The result of a quality renovation project is the relentless attention to detail, ability and knowledge to apply superior building practices and utilize premium products that are both environmentally conscious and unrivaled in quality. These days, renovating you home is a combination of coordinating the best people for the job and utilizing the best products available, all while creating the best possible value for your budget. From the beginning, Delonix had a vision which was written to demand an unwavering commitment to service and quality. When you consider that the person who framed your walls is the same person that hung the doors, as well as laid the tile in the hallway, you will see the passion through each step of the process. This creates accountability and transparency to make it RIGHT from the start. When other specialty trades are required, we rely on our team of quality, professionals which have been diligently screened. Finding evidence of quality and professionalism is not something that happens over night. We have hand selected professional trades which have proven to exceed our customers’ expectations in both service and quality.


Renovate or Build New ~ Its a common question, but for Delonix we take the same approach to every project, big or small.

Renovate or Build New: Often the considerations here are more personal. Sometimes there are sentimental ties to the existing home, kids have grown up and family memories have been created under that very roof. Possibly it’s simply the area the home is situated. You like the area and the conveniences of life that are offered nearby. Maybe it’s the neighbourhood, the established trees and heritage of the homes next door. All these are great reasons to renovate your home. We too know, that a home is a special place and sometimes small, sometime big changes to a familiar space are better than changing everything all together. Regardless of the reason for your renovation, the process should be handled with professional knowledge and trades expertise. Delonix Homes has this experience and expertise. We approaches EVERY renovation the same. It’s our 4D Process, however it’s your creation, and style – you lead the way through the “4 D” process. 

Our approach to each and every home renovation project – is the same. 
4-D process: “Dream – Design – Diligence – Deliver”

Dreams: are the initial concepts or ideas which you imagine and desire as an end result. Every dream is different and sometimes bringing these dreams to reality needs a road map.

Design: is the road map that will give life to our dreams. Showing in print how everything comes together.

Diligence: is the action taken to physically accomplish the design. Bringing life to the initial concept. And build with integrity.

Deliver: The commitment to carry out all that was promised, in its completion, turn over the design and commit in the post purchase process.